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Protect, beautify and maintain the value of your home. 

Did You Know? 


​Even a thin layer of dust on your windows can dull your view


​Regular window cleaning reduces build up that can damage glass


​Regular gutter cleaning prevents overflow that contributes to potential long term damage of gutter systems,

house paint, and wood.


Regular removal of moss and algae from your roof increases the overall lifetime of tiles and shingles.


Regular maintenance helps maintain the value and investment in your home.


  • Windows

  • Screens

  • Deck Glass

  • Skylights

  • Mirrors

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Roof and Gutters

  • Moss Treatments

  • And more!

Standard Services Include:

Window Cleaning Basics:

A professional window cleaning makes a clear difference. Clean windows maximize the amount of natural light into your home, which in turn increases the beauty of your home. We remove much more buildup than average home window-cleaning products do, without the streaks or debris that is often left behind. 


Gutter Cleaning Basics:

  • We charge by the pane. A typical window has two panes of glass, one that slides and one that is stationary (this includes any size between a 12” x 12” pane and up to the size of an average sliding glass door) 

  • We clean first floors up to and including the 3rd floor 

  • Screens will be removed and replaced when cleaning is complete.  Screen cleaning is available upon request. 

  • Standard services also include wiping sills and dirty water from window cleaning in tracks.  Extra dirty tracks may require an additional 10-50% charge.

  • Because we care about the environment and the health of your property, pets, and family, we use non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products when visiting your home!

  • An additional charge of 10 - 50% may be applied in case of extra dirty windows.

  • For example, extra debris and paint may require extra effort and time with specialized tools in order to achieve the best results.

Just like professional window cleaning, gutter cleaning is an important part of the long term maintenance of your home. Gutter maintenance can protect your property from the many pitfalls of overflowing gutters and poor water drainage. 

  • We hand clean all debris from gutters and flush the downspouts to keep them clear and flowing freely

  • Gutter maintenance is performed up to and including the 3rd floor 

  • Prevents damage to paint, siding, windows, flower beds, and foundation.

  • Regular cleaning contributes the prevention of costly repairs

  • We leave your property in better shape than we found it!  

  • Your siding and the area around your home are left clean

Quotes and pricing 

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